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' The garage sale outing was actually the second day of Spelling's shopping spree, as she also visited Target the day before.Tori's shopping binge began last Friday, when she took her son Finn, 5, along for a late afternoon trip that set her credit card back more than 0.'I'm right here baby,' she would call out to her wandering son as she focused her attention on the latest women's fashions, piling dresses, shirts and skirts into her red cart before rushing over to the kids' aisles.'Tori gets in a zone when she shops,' said the eyewitness.The mother-of-five posted on Wednesday about her love for Target, writing on Instagram that she 'loved this look' while wearing a dress from the store (left).

The eyewitness said that after the couple passed some bright green 'garage sale' signs on their way home, Mc Dermott pulled the car over and Spelling hopped out.

After negotiating a price for the rug, Spelling tried to hand the homeowner who was hosting the yard sale a credit card, but was told it was 'cash only.'Spelling wanted to use her credit card to pay for the rug and argued back to the woman that many flea market vendors have card scanners attached to their i Phones to accommodate her.

The source said: 'In the end, Tori promised her she just lived a few blocks away and would come back the next day with cash if she would hold it for her.'Her spending is compulsive, it's like she goes on a "high" when she's rummaging through bins of stuff,' said the source.

This was not the first time your mom had taken it upon herself to find you a potential husband.

"Mom," you yell jokingly over to the next aisle, "you have to stop trying to get a family with sons to take me.

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Before the impromptu garage sale hunt, Spelling and her husband Dean Mc Dermott did some early shopping and dropped more than $1,000 on Halloween, costumes, candy, toys and clothing at a nearby Target store.

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