Double dating site dragons den uk

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Double dating site dragons den uk

Derek Payne and Neville Howes, owners of Dubble Bubble, wanted an investment of £150,000 for a 15% slice of their patented packaging idea ‘The Bubble’.Jones asked the pair how their patent was unique when ink-jet cartridges already used air-filled packaging but the pair pointed out that their system eliminates the need for a carton.Andy appeared on the hit BBC TWO TV series ‘The Dragons Den’ where he pitched his business idea Celebrity Experience formerly called ‘The Double Dates’ to the team of successful entrepuerial investors known as ‘The Dragons’.His pitch was one of texture and after a stumbling and sweaty start, the help of his lookalikes will smith and captain jack sparrow in tow he started to pull it round.With a growth rate of 30% per annum, it’s now on track for a turnover of just short of £4m this year.“Tiny Box Company has evolved from an ambitious start up to a robust successful enterprise with a key industry position.

It now stocks well over 700 products and has a customer base of over 40,000, ranging from independent designers to international corporations.However this app also offers the much needed 'common sense' to love-matching.Bumble has all the same nuts and bolts as Tinder, but it has proven to be a rave with women tired of being pestered.Think of the match-makers as that friend who knows you really well and always talks about that colleague you 'should totally meet'… The little cupids behind the app will set you up with someone they believe will be simply great for you.The app does use algorithms to shortlist potential suitors based on age, sex, location and hobbies.

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Ethics have always been at the forefront of Watkyn’s agenda right from the start with her ethos that recycled packaging should be nothing less than excellent in quality and beautiful enough to complement the product.