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Elijah Morgan Cunningham was married to Miss Mar- garet Harris, he and Thomas Harris having traded sisters, and in this vicinity they remained until they were borne to the old "Pioneer cemetery," near Harrisville. James Riddel, of Roane county), and Rachel and Jane, who remained single.

He was a native of Harrison county, and a brother of Edward, a very early settler, on Husher's run. (Effie and Jane were twins.) All of whom have crossed to the other side.

John emigrated to Missouri, and later to Arkansas, where he reposes. married Miss Prudence Rector, of Taylor county, and re- moved to Wood county in 1838, where he died on July 4, 3 872, at his home in Parkersburg. However, Richard Chan- cellor, the founder of the family in the United States, came from England in 1()82, and settled in Westmoreland county, Virginia.

Here his family, who are prominently known, still reside. Fie had two sons, W^illiam Cooper, and Richard Chancellor, junior (the hatter). Haymond (who died during his term of office and the unexpired term was finished by the recorder, J.

Some of the older fami- lies are written up for several generations in order to bring them down to the memory of the present people.

Some have had well-preserved records and other data to draw upon, while others whose ancestry ma}^ ha\e been just as interesting, had — But let us turn from the town of the past, and take a panorama of the Harrisville of to-day, which is no AV a most beautiful tow^n of eight hundred inhabitants. The Presbyterians, having no clnirch building, worship in the ]\I.

Her children were : Cathrine, Eliza, Elizabeth, Matilda, James, Harper, Nelson, W^ilbur, Clarke and George AVigner. His family consisted of two daughters : Anne is the widow of Jacob Moats, junior, of Har- risville, and Jane is Mrs. Ayres, formerly of this county, but now of Spencer, and resided at different points in this county, before going to Addis' run, where he died in 1875. Their children were: Miss Mary and Benjamin, Missouri: John, of Addis' run; Anne (Mrs. Their only son, Alpheus, died in youth; Margaret mar- ried H. Murdock, and lives in Ohio: and Misses Sarah and Fannie are of Harrisville. Jennie Tarlton, and Misses Dora Reitz and Anna Leggeti.

Benjamin Starr, senior, the pioneer, was married to Miss Jane Harris (sister of his brother's wife) and, perhaps, re- mained here until his death, yet we have been unable to learn anything definite concerning his subsequent history or that of his family, other than that he had two children, Moses and Elizabeth Starr.

He died not long after his settlement here, and the family went to Wood county, where a number of their descendants still live.

— Pennsboro 512 XLII.— Ellenboro 53-3 XLIIL— Smithville 541 XLIV. Pie was the father of ten children; viz., John went to Illinois; James, to Zanesville, Ohio ; and Adam rests at Smithville ; Efihe became Airs.

— Burnt House ( Goff's, Fonsoviile) 553 XLV.— Auburn 5G0 XLVL— Berea 573 XLVIL— Pullman (Oxford, Holbrook) 579 XLVIir. John Chancellor and v/ent to Iowa ; Margaret, who married William Stanley, lies at Harrisville ; Hannah married George Stuart and lived and died in this county; Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah and Mary, who remained single, also died here.

— Petroleum (Hig'hland, Cornwallis, Glendale, Mole Plill. From this pioneer Harrisville took its name, and is a most beautiful monument to his memory. Two brothers came from Ireland before the Revolution, landing in the City of "Brotherly Love." These brothers were separated, soon after their arrival, Thomas going Southward, was never heard of again, and the other one (whose Christian name is wanting) was the father of Thomas and John, the Ritchie county pioneers. Aliller, whose FIRST SETTLERS IN RITCHIE COUNTY 35 maiden name was Plummer, and near the year 1800, they came to Harrison coimty. Talbott, Harrisville looking from the cemetery suiilh ul luwii.

Besides the two sons mentioned they were the parents of four daughters, all of whom were the wives of Ritchie county pioneers : Margaret married Elijah M.

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John Starr's wife was Miss Anne Harris, sister of John and Thomas Harris, and they were the first settlers on Indian creek.

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