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Gosti iz budushego online dating

The name "Gosti Iz Buduschego" means "The Guest from the Future" because of their freaky outfit, appearance and music style(s) in the beginning as they were performing on the scene since 1997 in St.-Peterburg. But only AC / DC and Motorhead can to stop there canafford, and so we continued our experiments on mixing various musical styles indifferent proportions.After two electronic albums (the first in Drum'n'Bass, the second - Ambient) Eugeny Arsentjev has left the project, because of style disagreements.Eva Pol'na (vocals, lyrics) & Yuri Usachëv (music).

You are the male singer of the band Xe-None, can yougive a brief introduction to the band? Since that time I tryto prevent all his attempts to ride a bike again.

Many people havetold us that we are just their imitators, or even clones.

Perhaps in some waythese people are right, but I think that over time we expanded many of theirideas and have done many things they never did. Animatronic and SETI have already become the classics of the genre and I am personally verydisappointed that Lex Icon returned to the image of Nagash.

There is nothing worse than a stale crowd that is simply standing.

We do our best, so that everyone on our show can get a charge of new pureenergy!

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Our task is to send impulse of absolutely pure energy to theaudience.

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