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After Dethklok is accused of being racist at a huge press conference, they combat the charges by opening an Urban Youth Dethcenter.

Meanwhile, Toki, after being left behind, starts a special club that promotes equality and love but excludes Murderface because he doesn't have the right look.

Pickles uses this time at home to reconnect with his disapproving mother who tells him that she won't respect him until he gets a real job.

Pickles decides to hang up his drumsticks and goes into an even more brutal profession: he becomes a realtor.

(A word to the wise, don't touch Dethklok's Guinness stash.) Within a few minutes, all three were all on the same page, and Explosion even felt comfortable enough to discuss Dethklok's forthcoming release, , which he and his bandmates had just begun work on. "It's a popular way to watch things, so I'm trying to get the speakers inside the fans' ears for this record.

After spending all their time with sluts and squandering the budget on their new record, Dethklok is shocked to find they've been assigned a new producer: A WOMAN."Touring is a lot like primitive living," Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe says, recalling the survival training he's undergone in recent years."That's because when you're touring, you're living with a bunch of fucking savages." The savages Lamb of God will be sharing the road with beginning in August, as they continue to promote their seventh record, show (cocreated and coproduced by comedian Brendon Small), and their pasty, far-beyond-brutal frontman, Nathan Explosion, is a foreboding figure who loves extoling violence almost as much as he loves speaking French.Brutality wields its uncomfortable deth-hammer in the fourth season of METALOCALYPSE.Excruciating horrors loom, waiting for the right moment to crush us all into a smooth repugnant paste, with very few lumps.

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Finally, do any of you have any bad habits you need to warn each other about before you go on tour? EXPLOSION What you should know about me is I'll disappear for good portions of the tour. Other than that, I will get everyone's bus code and I shit on your bus. You're traveling around, transporting it somewhere. That's a lesson to younger bands: Don't shit on the bus.