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Pangarau online dating

The Science in primary schools professional learning project; The focus of this PLD is on changing the focus from exclusively on science content knowledge to a focus on understanding how science works and how it can inform students in their futures.

It contains over 50,000 entries in the form of Māori-English and English-Māori word lists. Some may be disappointed that Ryan's dictionary does not give the source of its Māori terms. Based primarily on the Ngati Porou dialect (spoken on the East Coast of the North Island). The dictionary also contains new terms proposed by Te Taura Whiri. Users must refer to dictionary like Williams (1971) to determine whether or not terms are traditional Māori words. As with Ryan (2012) the sources of the Māori words are not given. Sustainability will be determined by schools maintaining a focus on what they are teaching within science and why. What Māori language dictionaries are available and of what value are they? There are many words in Williams (perhaps 1000s) that are unfamiliar to many native speakers of Māori today.

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Schools will have a clear understanding of the purpose of science in the New Zealand curriculum.

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