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To our knowledge, the only published research that might be related in some way to this issue is in the area of sexual involvement between therapists-in-training and their educators.Pope, Levenson, and Schover (1979) found that 17% of the female respondents and 3% of the male respondents reported sexual contact with at least one of their educators; however, Pope et al.Although there have not been systematic, detailed investigations to determine the extent to which graduate programs have included curriculum in the area of abuse, the professional literature suggests that graduate training programs have largely ignored abuse as a specific content area.Alpert (1990), for example, noted that there is "relatively little formal education and training in child sexual abuse" (p. Thoughtful articles on the structure and content of formal training in this area - emphasizing the lack of prior attention - have just begun to appear (Alpert & Paulson, 1990).Instrument The questionnaire contained four sections. The introductory section asked only the participant's gender, highest degree earned, and the year that his or her highest degree was awarded.No other identifying information was requested so that participants would feel secure in their anonymity.The other degrees were Ed D ( analysis revealed that gender was not significantly related to the return rate (i.e., the proportion of men was not significantly different from the proportion of women who responded to this survey). Approximately one third (33.1%) of the participants reported having experienced some form of sexual or physical abuse as a child or adolescent.The most frequently reported types of abuse were sexual abuse by a relative (13.8%); sexual abuse by a nonrelative other than a teacher, physician, therapist, or counselor (13.1%); and physical abuse (11.0%).

Twenty-three percent reported one form of abuse, 8% reported two forms, 1% reported three forms, none reported four, and 1% reported five.

Pope Shirley Feldman-Summers NOTE: This link leads to a follow-up study in Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

ABSTRACT: A national survey of 250 female and 250 male clinical and counseling psychologists (return rate was 58%) showed that over two thirds (69.93%) of the women and one third (32.85%) of the men had experienced some form of physical or sexual abuse.

Practical and theoretical implications are discussed. In the past 20 years or so, there has been a growing awareness that the sexual and nonsexual abuse of children and adults may be more widespread than had been stated in standard texts (e.g., 1 or 2 per million; for examples of this literature, please see the first paragraph and following under the section "Acknowledging the Scope of the Problem" in a related article) and may in some cases be associated with serious psychological harm.

Unfortunately, psychologists know little about how--or if--training in clinical and counseling psychology has responded to this awareness.

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In the second section (personal history), participants checked any of the following incidents that they had experienced during childhood or adolescence: sexual abuse by a relative; sexual abuse by a teacher; sexual abuse by a physician; sexual abuse by a therapist or counselor; sexual abuse by a nonrelative (other than a teacher, physician, therapist, or counselor); and nonsexual physical abuse.

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