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“We’re speaking about national laws where marital rape is not recognized as rape.

Where to this day rapists are let off the hook if they marry their victims,” Malik said, adding it also raises the question of what happens to the children born into terror groups.

The governments of Iraq and Syria have not been very forthcoming about how they’re going to deal with this issue.” Around 5,000 Yazidi women are estimated to have been sold into slavery by ISIS, while at least 2,000 have been taken by Boko Haram, including the famous abduction of 276 Chibok girls.

Malik wants to have sexual violence prosecuted as a tactic of terrorism and an international task force established on the subject.

Nobody is talking about them and nobody is doing anything.” The harrowing experience forms part of a new report by the Henry Jackson Society’s Nikita Malik, looking at how sex slavery has become a lucrative and critical trade for terrorist groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab in recent years.

“Trafficking Terror, How Modern Slavery and Sexual Violence Fund Terrorism,” reveals how sex slavery has fueled a thriving marketplace for terror groups through ransom payments.

I think that it is flipping ridiculous that I have to fill this portion of the lousy form with some verbiage before I can pass.ISIS’ treatment of sex slaves is well defined within the terror group with a special department and 27-page document setting out “rules” for their treatment.Fighters’ wages can be based on the number of children and women they “own,” with women reporting being bought, sold and raped by multiple men until they were forced to run away.“Propaganda on sexual slavery serves as an incentive for new recruits and foreign fighters, with the promise of wives and sex slaves acting as a ‘pull factor.’” “Religious elements are infused into sexual violence practices to skirt around the moral wrongdoing of rape.Forced inseminations, forced pregnancies, and forced conversions are a means to secure ‘the next generation of jihadists.’” The comprehensive report shines a light on an underreported trade that occupies a murky area between sexual violence, terrorism and trafficking and can be complicated by the fact that those involved can be both perpetrators and victims.

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Malik’s research found the fact that such groups have gained a foothold in deeply conservative and unstable societies has helped make the promise of having a sex slave attractive to young men.

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