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The MBA will shape and guide you as reflective, open-thinking, adaptive learners.

This module is designed to help you respond to the increasing emphasis in the business world about corporate social responsibility, stakeholder expectations and the professional practice of management.

We’ve successfully offered and developed the MBA in Zurich, Switzerland since 1996.

A pioneering and experienced MBA provider, we update and review our MBA to reflect the current business environment.

There are three classes within this module: The aim of this class is to enable participants to experience and reflect on entrepreneurial skills and practices that are appropriate to managing and leading organisations in competitive, uncertain and fast-changing environments.You can find information regarding how to pay your application fee on the national application website University admissions.Students with citizenship in a country outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will be required to pay a tuition fee that will vary depending on the type of course or programme.There is a filming session scheduled for December on this.This module helps you understand the management fundamentals and processes vital to business success and that are operated by specialist functional teams in an organisation.

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A highlight of the Strathclyde calendar is the annual MBA Summer School which takes place in Glasgow, over May and June.