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Totally free online dating sites philippines earthquake

A 5.0 quake hit in the same region after another 20 minutes, according to geologists. "When I went back to my room the ceiling had collapsed and the glass windows were broken, but so far everybody is safe." Mabini Mayor Noel Luistro said: "We are evacuating some people who live on the coast. "The town is full of tourists, both local and foreign this weekend." The Philippines lies on the so-called Ring of Fire, a vast Pacific Ocean region where many of the world's earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.Filipino tourist Arnel Casanova, 47, said: "I was in the pool taking diving lessons when the ground shook... A 6.5-magnitude quake killed eight people and left more than 250 injured outside the southern city of Surigao in February, and another 5.9-magnitude tremor killed one person there last month.Some netizens also claim that oarfish signs were true due to consecutive earthquakes that struck several regions in the country after the appearance of oarfish in shallow waters.But there’s still no confirmation from experts if these earthquakes really indicate the upcoming ‘big one’ earthquake.

The first 5.5 magnitude quake struck at 7am this morning, followed by a 5.9 quake just a minute later.

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The Philippines lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire, which causes the country to have frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

Much larger numbers of earthquakes of smaller magnitude occur very regularly due to the meeting of major tectonic plates in the region.

A 5.9 MAGNITUDE earthquake in the Philippines has sparked tsunami fears.

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