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Posted by / 27-May-2016 17:37

Thus we will regularly update Twitter share counts during this period.

After this period we will only update the Twitter share counts periodically.

We accept that Twitter share counts can be inflated by bots and by multiple sharing.

There is also no guarantee that someone sharing a post has actually read it.

For our Pro customers we will also provide details on the Twitter sharers.

The good news is that our new approach has improved and enhanced our sharer data.

Tweeting without any engagement is like shouting your thoughts to an empty room.

While it’s true that engagement is extremely important, there’s another metric that goes hand in hand with it.

We now purchase Gnip data and run filters on this data to identify content shares and sharers.

In order to assist we have developed a Buzz Sumo Chrome extension that people can install which will show the share data, including the number of Twitter sharers, for any web page. We believe that Twitter shares, like other social shares, are important.

If a thousand people have shared an article it indicates that the article has more value and relevance than an article that has been shared by say just five people.

We are using this share data, combined with data from other sources, to update our current database of Twitter shares.

This enables us to provide an ongoing count of Twitter shares for articles.

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It simply represents the number of times your Tweet showed up in someone’s feed or search results, even if they just scrolled past.

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