Updating changesets for cvs workspace

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Your answers might hint at the possibilities, but try to aim for the beginner that wants to keep a 'main' repository on a 'server' which is backed up and secure, and treat their local repository as merely a 'client' resource.

So: I will go through the entries from time to time and 'tidy' them up so they have a consistent look/feel and it's easy to scan the list - feel free to follow a simple "header - brief explanation - list of instructions - gotchas and extra info" template.

I'll also link to the entries from the bullet list above so it's easy to find them later.

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"Beginner" being defined as someone who knows how to handle their compiler, understands to some level what a Makefile is, and has touched source control without understanding it very well.

"Practical" being defined as this person doesn't want to get into great detail regarding what Git is doing in the background, and doesn't even care (or know) that it's distributed.

So what I need is a beginner's practical guide to Git.It is far better integrated into OS X than , and is fast and stable even with exceptionally large repositories.The original git repository pieter has not updated recently (over a year at time of writing).Everyday operations are easy: stage and unstage changes with a checkbox. You can browse and view a working copy from popular version control systems such such as CVS, Subversion, Bazaar-ng and Mercurial [ At a glance, see which remote branches have changes to pull and local repos have changes to push.The git ops of add, commit, push, pull, tag and reset are supported as well as visual diffs and visual browsing of project hieracy that highlights local changes and additions. Features a native Cocoa (mac-like) UI, fast repository browsing, cloning, push/pull, branching/merging, visual diff, remote branches, easy access to the Terminal, and more.

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