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Updating to 1 1 2

More information: Connected Field Service Developer Guide Customer Insights is a Azure-based Saa S service that enables organizations of all sizes to bring together data from multiple sources, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, and generate knowledge and insights to build a holistic 360° view of their customers.

This guide explains the component architecture, supplied interfaces and customization points, and explains the approach develop customized Io T solutions.Data Export is an add-on service made available as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) solution that adds the ability to replicate Dynamics 365 (online) data to a Microsoft Azure SQL Database store in a customer-owned Microsoft Azure subscription.The supported target destinations are Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Azure SQL Server on Microsoft Azure virtual machines.You can select which properties are returned by using the $select system query option.A successful PATCH request will return HTTP 200 (OK) with the full entity.

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Data Export intelligently synchronizes the entire Dynamics 365 schema and data initially and thereafter synchronizes on a continuous basis as changes occur (delta changes) in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) system.

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